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which tensioner for single speed,

harry_jones1984harry_jones1984 Posts: 1,150
edited October 2009 in MTB buying advice

I have a frame with vert drop outs, and i've got a single speed hub built wheel (seperate free hub thingy) with 13 teeth, with a 27tooth chain ring and ahalf link chain (the latter two are ordered but not 'ere yet) and i've worked out the oneone chain tentioner i got given is for a casette hub so isn't in line. i've been looking into the various types of tentioning devices (assuming i won't be v. lucky) and knowing i've got a half link chain en-route was thining about getting a single lift pully drop out tensioner, is this wise or should i look into the srung double pully set ups or even a BB mounted tensioner as a half link chain will be more 'accurate' to ideal tension. :twisted:


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