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VholdR Mount

Foll ZofalotFoll Zofalot Posts: 204
edited October 2009 in MTB buying advice
So, I’ve moved the round sticky mount for my VholdR a few times now in order to get that perfect angle, hmm has taken a while. Trouble is it doesn’t have much stickiness left. Had a look on CRC and this looks like what I need ... elID=40887 flip sake £5!, what a rip off! So am thinking maybe I need a proper mount, like these but maybe a bit bulky any suggestions folks? (apart from glue, don’t really want to wreck my lid :cry: )

Cheers :)


  • hey just saw this now...

    I have camera mount A (handlebar) that has worked great so far. I'd stay away from glue it will definitely mess your gear up. 3M makes a lot of great "sticky" products you might be able to rig up for cheap.. but the mount itself is the best bet.
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    huh, the 3m doublesided tape in 50mm is pretty expensive, surprised by that. Velcro maybe? The Scotch velcro tape that they sell in haberdashery places is very strong, and obviouslyw would let you remove the mount etc.
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