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XC Trail Bike for around £2000???

smoothbadgersmoothbadger Posts: 36
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Im in the market for a ful suss XC Trail bike

My old 2002 enduro expert is too heavy and not good at climbing so im after somthing nimble for the south downs and the occaisional trip to wales.

heres two bikes im considering

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon 2009

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp 2010

heres a comparison chart showing both bikes: ... 7Cec020331

Any thoughts/ help/advice would be much appreciated.

Also should i be considering any other bikes around the £2000 mark?

Thanks in advance


  • bump......any advice guys?
  • Have you tried any of them?

    Starting again!!!!
  • smoothbadgersmoothbadger Posts: 36
    edited September 2009
    tried both on the street and the carbon felt lighter but is it?

    the 2010 stumpy felt like it had a slacker head angle how will this effect real riding out on the trails?

    its so difficult to compare bikes in the street
  • smoothbadgersmoothbadger Posts: 36
    edited September 2009
  • Did either of them feel like a better ride?

    Starting again!!!!
  • ive editied this post so it makes more sense.....hope you guys can help me out

  • BeardfaceBeardface Posts: 5,495
    If it was me, I'd choose the 2010 model.. for a few reasons:

    1) Newer, so potentially better tech over '09 (probably not by much)
    2) I prefer the look of the 2010 8) The linkage change suggests that any pedal bob would be reduced on the uphills (correct me if I'm wrong) - Also, the shock is in an easier place to reach for that 'on the fly' adjustment.
    3) Maybe slightly better resale value (not that that should influence your choice!)
    4) I'm not a huge fan of full carbon bikes.. theres something about the way they sound when a rock hits/gear changes that makes me apprehensive

    Thats my opinion, plus, you'll be saving some cash for other kit (camelbak/lid if you dont have one already)

    Also, I saw in this months MBUK that with purchases of 2010 Enduros and Stumpys, you get a free lupine (I think) light? Not sure if that would apply to this model (I'd think so however), so thats at least a £250 light chucked in too.. :)

    Hope that may help with your decision mate.. obviously testing them is the key.. are there any demo days near you coming up?
  • thats a great help thanks..........

    someone has also pointed me in the direction of this: ... ifications

    its a lappiere 2010 Zesty 314 - any thoughts?
  • BeardfaceBeardface Posts: 5,495
    Afraid not from me mate.. I think they look amazing, and they have got some great reviews, but I've not had a go on one, so couldn't compare..
  • it depends how much travel you want, i'd probably go for about 120mm rather than 140mm depends what sort of xc/trail riding you want to do, how agressive really.

    Sparks and geniuses, zesty and x-control...

    basically take the shorter option for speed, longer option for air/drops
  • ads4ads4 Posts: 698
    Spend £400 pound on new gear and get a 2009 Hifi bike I've ever ridden and a lot cheaper than I paid a few months ago!! :) ... _pro_.html

    Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

    Current ride - Yeti ASR 5a X0
  • hiya im still having this dilema..............has anyone upgraded from the 09 to the 10 stumpy or had experience of both?
  • Me? I'd go for a Cannondale Flash for that money.
  • Have you considered a Marin mount vision 5.8. The 2009 model is being cleared out at some retailers for under £2000 and it has a better spec than the 2010 model.

    I must say I'm very impressed with it.

    I got mine from leisure lakes a great company to deal with.
  • richg1979richg1979 Posts: 1,087
    mount vision or lapierre zesty.
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