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New Arrival

chiarettachiaretta Posts: 5
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Just arrived in uk from Italy to work for a year - love cycling but haven't brought much gear with me. Can anyone recommend a good bike shop in central/south London ? Thanks


  • cjcpcjcp Posts: 13,345
    Hi there, and welcome to the UK. :)

    Whereabouts in south London?

    As far as Central London goes, Condor are on Holborn. Action Bikes are just by Embanknent tube (although never been in there) and there some Cycle Surgery and Evans Cycles shops dotted around - check out their websites.

    If you're after gear, check out internet suppliers such Wiggle, Chain Reaction Cycles and Dotbike. There are lots of others too.
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  • biondinobiondino Posts: 5,990
    Benvenuto a Bikeradar!

    I second the internet retailers, as long as you know your size and are comfortable with how it all works. They're almost always cheaper than the shops, apart from their sale items.

    There's also a buying and selling forum on Bikeradar, which I've used several times with success - worth posting there about what bits you might need.
  • Thanks for the advice.

    I'm going to cycle to work on Mon a.m for the first time -Herne Hill to Blackfriars. II'm a little daunted as it is the first time I've cycled in a city as large as Londra. Any tips ?
  • Yes - generally the traffic passes you on the RIGHT, not left as you are used to... so be wary of this.
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  • Hopefully you'll know the following already, but if not.........:

    Don't undertake trucks, lorries or buses in confined spaces and stationary traffic, we don't want you to get crushed!
    Don't jump red lights.
    Don't ride in the gutter.

    And last but not least hold on to your scalp during SCR! :wink: :twisted:
  • chiaretta wrote:
    Any tips ?



    Seriously - ride assertively. Be seen. And carry a D-lock....
  • biondinobiondino Posts: 5,990
    There's no hurry, and there's never any reason to put yourself in a position where other road users could endanger you. DON'T UNDERTAKE LORRIES!

    (your English is scarily good for an Italian. Sei propria italiana?)
  • I survvived my first london cycling experience - much busier than I'm used to and motorists not as nice. I was surprised that I didn't see any Rapha boys. My friends in Italy who visited last year told me that when they visited everyone was wearing it ! Not a single armband jersey to be seen between Blackfriars and Herne Hill !

    Is the cycle show at the weekend worth a visit ?
  • cjcpcjcp Posts: 13,345
    Great stuff. Thanks for reporting back to HQ. :) Did you enjoy it? Much better than the train!

    You need to pop over to the "Road" section of the forum for Rapha-wearers. We're more Castelli, Assos, Gore, Altura-type folk in these parts. :)
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    "It stays down, Daddy."
  • BayttBaytt Posts: 102
    come upto aberdeen ill show ya single armband rapha jersey's :)
  • CafewandaCafewanda Posts: 2,788
    Would they have heard of Rapha in Herne Hill? :D

    London motorists seem to be unique in their driving styles compared to other parts of the UK, from what I've read here. Just keep saying your prayers, ride assertively and you'll be fine :wink:

    I'm off to the cycle show this afternoon, on my tod ( :( ), but I hope I'll enjoy it.

    Not sure if there are any bike shops in Herne Hill, but you could wander over to Brixton Cycles on Stockwell Road, Brixton end for a visit. The shop is next to the skateboard park.
  • I'm in SE London too - have had recommended to me Balfe's bikes in East Dulwich and Psubliminal though haven't been there yet.

    There is a good commute route through camberwell etc that stays off all the main roads which I used to do when I commuted in town - depends on whether you mind the trucks etc. ... 5565277589

    And no, not much rapha in SE London. Try Richmond Park after work or on a weekend morning, or Crystal Palace hill going out to the south downs...

    Not sure re cycle show - have never been. May pop along though.
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