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Shifter upgrade

daveclowdaveclow Posts: 164
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hey guys,

fairly basic one here i expect...

i currently have sora shifters, but like im sure most people have heard they can be quite hard to shift up and down when your on the drops.

without changing the whole group set - as the rest is fine - can i just put some decent shifters on ie some sram carbon jobbies or would that require more work/purchases.




  • I'm looking at doing the same for the same reasons.

    It seems that any Shimano shifters should be ok as long as they match the number of cogs you have front and back.

    I've seen Tiagra shifters for £35 on Ebay.
  • ah yes i thought there might be a few of us :)

    so do most of them come in double or triple etc meaning i could get something to suit the number of gears i already have?
  • I'm in the same boat too, I have heard you should not really mix your Sram with Campag or Shimano, so looking at 105 shifters online from the states for around a 1-er.
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    edited September 2009
    If you have older Sora then they'll likely be 8-speed. This limits what you can replace your shifters with significantly - there are 8-speed shifters out there that work like the more expensive models (Tiagra, 105, etc.), but I can't remember what they're called or where I saw them. I do know that they're not cheap though.

    If you have the new 9-speed Sora then youll have much more choice - Tiagra or older 105/Ultegra.

    If you only want to change shifters then I think you'll have to stick with Shimano.

    EDIT: I stand corrected - see below :oops:
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  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    10spd Campag shifters will work with 8spd Shimano groupsets.
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  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    I got some Ultegra 9 speed shifters for £30 in classifieds here, and got a 9 speed SRAM cassette from the Woolly Hat Shop for £15, to upgrade my g/f's Sora equipped 8 speed Trek 1.2. The shifting is dramatically better, the extra speed is a bonus. I sold the used Sora Shifters for £30 :lol: Net cost, Sora to Ultegra, £15.
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