Wheels: Bontrager Race or Mavic Equipe

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I have the oppotunity of upgrading my Trek 1.9 wheelset from Bonty Race to Mavic Equipe - basically have been offered the latter for £130 (the wheelset). Is this a worthwhile upgrade?

Any advice welcome.


  • yes!

    i upgraded to mavic akiums with new tires, and have seen a huge improvement. the test i used was the hill on my local route, i used to freewheel down it at 28 - new wheels and tires.....31mph :)
  • I'd go for the Bonty's. When I bought my first Trek a few years ago I bought some Bonty Races. Still got them for a spare set of wheels, bearings run smooth and are still true. Bought a pair of Aksiums for last winter and really don't like them. Rear hub clicks, cones need tightening after every few rides, and they're no longer true.

    Well that's my preference although I have friends that swear by the Aksiums
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    The Equipes are better than the Aksiums though.

    I have had both (Askiums and Equipes) and the Equipes are a quite good wheelset but I wouldn't pay 130 to upgrade to those, more like £80 tops.
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  • Just re-read this. Don't bother, spend the money on something more worthwhile if it's burning a hole in your pocket. I need a new Bonty XXX lite stem so you could spend the money on that for me :)
    Enjoy your riding
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    probably not worth the upgrade from the 'race' - if you had the 'SSR's then that would be a different story.

    I'm not a fan of the trek wheels - i was never keen on the SSR's that came with my pilot - they are a bit on the weighty side - but I believe that the 'race' ones are quite decent.

    probably spend that £130 elsewhere.