New bike - Orbea Aqua Enol 2009

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Here it is then! Had about 15 miles on it so far, and no complaints at all. Not sure if the shifters and crank are standard items, they certainly don't match the other one on display in the shop, but I'm not complaining. I trust this pic will satisfy the OCD afflicted among us. :lol:


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    Cranks in the wrong place for OCP !

    I have the fleche (same frame and wheels) and the wheels are utter sh1t. In fact I'm about to take them back to the shop, the rear rim is cracked in 16 places, where the drive side spokes meet the rim.

    Upgrade them soon.
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    And the chain's wrong - should be in the highest gear. Should also be on a plain unbroken background, valves at the bottom or wheel decals correctly located & legible. Oh dear oh dear. Nice bike though. :)
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    Got another 12 miles in last night after work, and managed an average of 17.5 mph. This thing is lovely! Felt like I could have gone another 10 miles with no problems, but I don't want to overdo it in my first week.

    I've still got to get the bar height correct, I went down a little after my first ride but still think I could go down a smidge more.
  • Here a funny thing, i was thinking about getting an Orca, yes I know, and as it happens the wife wanted a bike, so I managed to get a Orbea Hybrid for her. I paid 309 notes for it.

    Here is the rub, it is quite frankly rubbish, my own fault to a point, but the workmanship is second rate, the components I do not rate at all, (the stuff you get from pound land esk),

    It is currently back with the shop as it appears the BB was put in incorrectly, if that is at all possible, I have changed the skewers to metal ended ones (were plastic), changed the pedals, to some metal flat pedals (were plastic) and changed the seat.

    You may ask why did you buy it then, The wife liked the look of it :?

    It has worked out to be a very good buy as I will not touch Orbea with a Barge pole now.
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    Well, as with anything, a bit of research before the purchase is called for. :)

    I compared mine with a Giant, Trek and Specialized for about the same price. And the components fitted to the Orbea were the same or better than each of the competition. Add to that a nice true frame with tidy joins, and it's a winner in my eyes.

    If you've had issues with the setup, I'd say it's more than likely the place you bought it from - my bike was set up very well indeed.
  • Very nice bike, I have the '09 Orbea Fleche and the frames are very nice. After twleve months of daily use I am about to replace the groupset with Campag. The wheels were rubbish and I bought a reasonable priced set of Shimano RS20's soon after getting the bike.
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    Nice bike, personally I love the Orbea range. Definately worth upgrading your wheels though.

    Let us know how you get on with it in the long term. Incidentally, how much did you pay for it? (if you don't mind me asking)

    by the way, from an OCD perspective - don't even get me started on the alignment of your front quick release skewer!
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    Was around £500, I got a couple of extras in the deal though. :)