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problems fitting Crud Road racer mudguards to trek 1.7

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As this is potentially a newby not doing it right problem, I thought I'd try the beginners section. Anyone bought these? I got a set through from wiggle, they look brilliant, seem to offer more mudguard coverage than race blades for instance and they are very light!.

Now the bad news. I can't get clearance on the front and feel I am going to have to return them to Wiggle as faulty.

I have a Trek 1.7 with Bontrager 700c 23 tyres and a carbon fork (not an unusual combination or rare bike).

the only issue appears to be with the front guard. there is very little clearance between the underside of the forks and tyre (but just enough). However, when you cable tie the guard to the brake caliper mount bolt and attach the final front guard extender, the curve of the guard carries on and makes the tip rub the tyre.

I have tried to adjust the stay height to bring the rear of the guard closer to the tyre to try to lift the front but it still rubs. Crud don't suggest that they only work on certain bikes but is this the case (or is it a tyre profile issue)?

I've not ridden with them as I don't want to damage them but possibly once on the bike it's also possible that the tyre profile will change once weighted which might affect things - but I'm still pretty sure they'll rub. I could also just leave off the front part of the guard which extens for 3 or so inches in front of the caliper - but then I'll loose some weather protection.

this is anoying me as they look realy nice and should work. However, it might be that they are not as universal as people think and if that's the case, I'll argue to Wiggle I need a refund of their cost an postage getting them back to them!
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  • I have a set of these, and whilst it takes a while to get it all set up right, they do fit (just! - not a Trek 1.7 mind)

    How tight do you have the cable tie? Having this too tight changes the curve of the guard. Also, the adjustable screw holes on the read or each guard affect the curve. Play around until you find what works.

    I got mine working with no rubbing at all! Have about 2mm clearance between tyre and guard.
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    No help as you hav already bought the guards but the 1.7 has eyes to allow the fitting of proper mudguards doesn't it?
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  • I'll have another go. I did actually pull the cable tie tight so that might help.

    Not sure about the trek 1.7 having eyes on the front forks for mudguards - it definately does for the rear but not sure the forks allow fixed guards

    Looking for a friendly & welcoming club in Warrington/North Cheshire area ?
    Try North Cheshire Clarion :
  • set the clearance at the back of the guard, then just tighten the cable tie enough to clear the wheel.
  • I have a trek 1.5, 56cm frame with crud catchers. So I have the same set up as you frame and wheel wise. I have crud catchers on mine and they do need a bit of messing about with to fit , but they will fit. To get the best fit I attached the guards then turned the bike upside down. I then loosed the nuts which attach the the stays and the guard and pulled the guard into the correct position then tightened all the nuts baike up and they stayed in place. I also ensured the cable tie was firmly against the brake nut.

    Hope this helps
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  • ive just fitted mine to my old giant- acnt wait for it to rain!

    incidentally on all the advertising for these theyve got them fitted to a trek so i suppose they should fit!
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    They are ace!

    I started a thread on another forum and there's a link to it straight from the crud site :shock:
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