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Snapped Chain

brh77brh77 Posts: 242
edited September 2009 in Road beginners
After negotiating 3 hours 'off' on Sunday for a ride (no mean feat with the 3 kids under 3!)- I got 600 metres from home when my chain snapped!

I was on a roundabout of a major A-road in top cog when it went ping.....

Two questions-
Is it my fault for pulling away still in top cog?
Is it easy to adjust a new chain length or will I just make more mess?




  • It not your fault :) You should be able to ride any gear no problems. Was the chain old ? If not it suggests that it was not properly joined to start with. It's very easy to fit a new chain, if you have a chain tool. Make sure you buy a decent chain tool though, cheap ones break very easily.
  • brh77brh77 Posts: 242
    Cheers- the chain was less than 500 miles old! I have a tool and a new chain (LBS only stocks TAYA chains- are these any good?)- just have visions of my fat rugby hands mauling this chain to a mangled mess!
  • I have a TAYA chain on my single speed bike. Has lasted a long time. The only problem I found was the links seem to rattle a bit when not under tension. But otherwise absolutely fine. It's easier to fit if you don't wrap around the front chain rings, put it around the BB/BB-axle until it's joined.
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    If it's only 500 miles old I'd just buy a Missing Link to rejoin it once you've removed the broken link with your chain tool. Good opportunity to clean and relube it while it's off the bike too.

    Taya chains appear to be stocked by Halfords as their budget brand; I just fitted one on my son's mtb so that will be a good test of it's longevity. I'll report back if it fails prematurely.
  • teagarteagar Posts: 2,100
    You didn't by any chance do a Millar when it happened did you? :wink:
    Note: the above post is an opinion and not fact. It might be a lie.
  • brh77brh77 Posts: 242
    No, but I must have looked like a right t*t walking home- a 16.5 stone man in tights, with a broken chain in one hand and face like thunder walking along an A road in his socks.

    Also, if I pitch my bike into the bushes I haven't got a team lackey to get me another one,
  • BayttBaytt Posts: 102
    i walked the last half mile of a 80mile sportive with my bike over one shoulder and the broken chain in the other hand :)

    well i say walked... more like waddled in the shoes .

    its character building :)
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