Just ordered Trek 1.2, Questions?

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After selling my fuel ex 8 this summer due to not using it and getting a couple of dogs the bug has bitten me again and i also really need to get the old heart beating faster, so today i have ordered an 09 Trek 1.2, i'm hoping this comes off as nearly everyone has sold out, if it doesnt come off i will go for the 2010 model.
Anyway questions as i have not had a road bike for over 25 years.

Is the saddle ok?, i'm 16 stone(really need to lose weight) i have read on here people slating the standard saddle, what is recommended?

Tyres, again people on here slate them, what other tyre does everyone go for.

Pedals, on my mtb i had 540s which i eventually changed to flats as i was getting a bad knee, what would you recommend for a road bike, also what shoes, i will begin with my shimano mtb shoes for the 1st few weeks and the standard pedals.

What other bits and pieces does everyone recommend?
Sorry for all the questions but got to learn somewhere. LOL
Cheers Jon


  • my m8 who cycles with me has one it is a great entry level bike :D
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    Saddles are personal. The one on the bike will be fine if you find it comfortable, but only you can answer that. The tyres will also be fine, whatever they are. For pedals, why not get some standard SPD's which can be used with your current shoes.

    Don't fall into the trap of feeling subservient in the face of glittering and complicated technology. You have a great new bike which you'll love riding! You should only need to replace parts of it if they wear out, or if you have particular and unexpected requirements.
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    Be careful jonty!

    If you start 'upgrading' stuff straight away then I always think perhaps its better to just buy a better steed in the first place!
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    Yes true guys, i did wonder about upgrading and cost, just confirms you right, i will get the bike and see how it goes, the one thing i will want to do though is suss out some pedals.

    Cheers, jon
  • Hi,

    A few months into being a roadie and lurve my 1.2 TREK.....

    Enjoy it !!!
    I like shiny bikes - especially Italian ones.....!!
  • Yep totally agree, I'm a road newbie and plumped for the trek 1.2 yet the 2010 model, I absolutely love it. You won't go far wrong with one in my eyes.
    That's my 2 cents,


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    Road - Trek 1.5 2010

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    Ace, i have managed to get the last 09 1.2 size 56 from leisurelakes, should be delivered to Bury branch on Wednesday and hopefully busting a lung on Saturday!!!!!
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    Oooooooh, another bury rider!
  • jontymo
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    Seems i like to buy from Bury but actually based in marsden near Huddersfield.