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Anyone recommend some where to get frame and forks blasted and reprayed in the Edinburgh area


  • I've not used them myself but when I was searching on the subject these people got mentioned a fair bit:

  • Hi

    Just been looking at them, will pop round and check their work out next week
  • If you do use them could you report back? I'd be interested in the results.

  • My flatmate had his girlfriends bike powdercoated at Hendersons last year. They made a really good job of it. I think they get a few bikes in so know what they are doing.

    They are a bit expensive IMO. I was quoted £70 for a frame last year with another £30 for the forks and cranks. That was for blasting and powdercoating an ali frame. Not sure what their prices are like for paint. Send them an email though, they got back to me pretty quickly.
  • Nice one, its Reynolds tubing. I wouldnt mind paying for a good job as the bike was bought in 1984 for 1.5K!!
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    Give John a call at Revolutionary Bikes for a quote.
    He is based in Bo'ness.
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    I just emailed Henderson's metal cleaning yesterday, quoted me £60 for plain colour, £70 for metallic, for frame and forks
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    That price is cheaper than sending a frame away to get painted.

    Still not had the time to pip round yet :cry: