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2010 Trek 1.2 or 2009 Giant Defy 2

northern ladnorthern lad Posts: 13
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Tried both bikes and like them both. I can get the Defy 2 (Which is a better spec) for the same price as the Trek, but don't know which to go for.

Looking for other opinions on either bike!


  • kfinlaykfinlay Posts: 763
    Most manufacturers are de-speccing bikes for 2010 or putting the prices or both so there is a strong case for the Giant as I don't think anything has changed with the frames on these models from 09 to 10 model years. If you tried them at different shops then I'd also suggest taking the sales and service of each into account as you probably need them at some point in the future. Also compare there range of clothing components and accessories for possible future purchases. I'm claiming to be an expert here but these are the sort of things I would be considering - I'm sure others will reply soon with valid points too. Whichever bike you end up with . . . . . . enjoy! :D

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  • The 2010 Giant defy 4 has lost its carbon forks,this is the reason i got a defy 4 09 on ebay for £280.
  • volvinevolvine Posts: 409
    i was looking at the reviews on these bikes this week and they both come out with really good reviews agree with previous post by kfinlay after sevice and helpfulness go a long way with deciding who to hand over your hard earned stuff too.
    which one did you prefare comfort wise looks wise ect as this is important in wanting to get on the thing and ride it.
    If the Giant is better specced i would go with the Giant although two of the biggest manufactureres i don't think you would go far wrong with any of them.
  • I have just got a Defy 2 2009 as my first road bike, I think it's great, can't fault it and love riding it, although I haven't really got anything to compare it to having never ridden a road bike before. My choice was resonably easy too, as I got it through a cycle2work scheme with a limited range to choose from.

    The Boardman's (even 2010 spec) seem to be quite good value for money if you're considering a bike in this sort of price range
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  • Which has the better quality frame? Ask the shop for advice on this. You can upgrade the rest but not the frame.

    Good choices for new bikes :)
  • Go with your own gut feeling.
    As everyone is saying , every individual is different and you have a good choice of two really good bikes from two good manufacturers.
    I bought a Giant Defy 4 as a starter road bike and as another poster stated, the spec on 2010 models aint as good, (recession, raw material increases, lower profit margin, currency fluctuations). I love it and havent been disappointed.
    The Giant seems like better value due to the spec and I couldnt give a monkeys about it being this years model.
    Its the man on the bike, not the bike.
    Good luck
  • this prolly isnt gonna help, but i absolutely love my trek 1.2 that i got a few days ago.
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