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Your favourite toy as a kid

Joe_PineapplesJoe_Pineapples Posts: 1,718
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What was it?

Mine was BigTrak. I remember seeing the advert on tv around 30 years ago now and decided that Santa HAD to bring me one. He did, and Biggie and I embarked upon many an exciting adventure across the Cursed Earth that was my back garden, until the day he died.
Neglect had meant that Biggie's batteries had corroded inside him. My dad said "Give me the cover from the battery compartment and I'll get it cleaned at work" but the cover never returned. So Biggie lay in my parents attic until February last year when I saw a damaged BigTrak on ebay, complete with the now rare battery compartment cover. £10 in batteries later and we were reunited, and it was as if we'd never been apart.

Ok Biggie, let's rock!
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