Rear ended! Advice please...

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(despite the subject, this is strictly bike related.....)

On my commute home yesterday evening (5.30pm) a car drove into the back of my bike while I was stationary in primary position in the queue of traffic for some red lights.
I did not fall & was not hurt, although obviously shocked. The impact probably pushed myself and the bike forward a few inches. The car bumper deformed, gripping the rear wheel, and when I got off the bike it was held firm and upright by this novel bike rack!
On the surface, the only damage to the bike will be sorted by a re-truing, although I will take it in on Monday to get the carbon frame checked out.
The driver didn't think it was a big issue as he prob thought he had just bumped the bike a bit, and I didn't suspect any malicious intent. I asked him to pull over so I could get his name and address. When the lights changed he did so, but the bus behind couldn't get past, and hooted his horn. The driver then decided he'd just drive off......
I had memorised his reg no, and rang it in immediately to 999. They clarified that I wasn't hurt, recorded the incident details and advised I drop into my local station and enter it in the Accident Recording Book (?).

Now, I'm not so worried about the cost or inconvenience (unless the frame is damaged, in which case it will be worth going thru my home/bike insurance).
But I am upset that the driver appears to have got away without taking any responsiblity or leaving his details.

Any views on what I can do now?


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    He left the scene of an accident, which is a crime. You are already doing the right thing by reporting it to the police. It wouldn't surprise me if he gets a little visit from the rozzers to have a word.
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    Get in touch with the legal team at
    they will be happy to advise.