What full finger glove ?

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My fat sausage like fingers are starting to get a bit cold on the daily commute in the morning with my el cheapo fingerless gloves so time for a pair of full length finger gloves.

Anyone recommend a pair, was looking at the BG Gel as the fingerless have good reviews on here or is there something warmer/waterproof but still have plenty of 'feel'

Specialized Epic FSR Carbon Comp


  • I have a pair of MTB gloves which work a treat. I also have a pair of sealskins from my hiking kit which do a good job to.
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  • Have been using my Spec BG Deflect for a week or so now, and work a treat, don't get too clammy in the evening when it's warmer, but kept fingers nice and warm this morning (6* C)
    I once used them as an under-layer with some M&S waterproof (3M Thermalite) oversized gloves in subzero temperatures (-7 C) and yes, lost a bit of 'feel' for the brakes but otherwise warm and snug.
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