Bike for wife, 5'8", 9.5 stone

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I've been looking at getting a bike for my wife but wanted to check to see if anybody else with a similar size bought WSDb bikes or say a small mens instead.

Thinking something like a trek 6500 WSD might be ideal but then as she it quite tall maybe something else. Budget up to1200. Trail riding through the woods mainly.

She likes an upright position.

Any thoughts apreciated.

Thank you


  • you shouldnt be asking us, we can give you technical advice and our views on the right bike for your wife but if you buy it without giving her a choice then she will hate it no matter how good the bike is. like most women they like a choice and if you buy the right bike in a wrong colour then she will hate the bike and will not ride it.

    bike are quite personal things; like cars, clothes, hand bags or shoes- get the right one then she'll love it, get the one in the wrong style/ colour/ season/ make/ then she'll never use it. i'm sure women will back me up on this.

    if she like the look of a bike, even if its the size is slightly out she will still love it.

    trust me on this :D
  • Yeah, she'll like riding it at first until she realises it's a pile of crap and starts bugging you for up-grades (just ask my other half if you don't believe me... :wink: )

    I wish that someone had given me the following advice when I was buying my first mtb:

    1) If you can help it, and you're going to ride fairly seriously, don't buy anything with an RRP of less than a grand
    2) NEVER buy anything with an RRP of less than GBP500
    4) Get the dimensions right for the kind of riding you want to do (try before you buy if possible)
    3) Don't buy a bike because of the colour!

    Let's just say that the only original part left on my bike is the frame and even that is going to be replaced as soon as I can afford it.

    Afterall, it's better to learn to love a bike that isn't very pretty but rides like a dream than to learn to hate a bike that's a thing of beauty but gives you no help whatsoever on the trails.

    I must admit I now love my bike to bits, but it's had more work done to it than Joan Rivers!

    Of course, if your missus is quite happy just to be part of the group and potter along at the back, avoiding all obstacles and walking up the steep bits (no shame in it) then please ignore everything I have just written and get the pink one....
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    1) If you can help it, and you're going to ride fairly seriously, don't buy anything with an RRP of less than a grand

    Thats a fairly sweeping statement, I'm sure there are plenty of people running round on Rockhoppers and the like who would disagree
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  • my first mtb was a Rockhopper. and i loved it. did cwmcarn and afan on it and it was fine for that. So yeah, i'd agree that saying you need to spend £1000 or more on a bike is a very sweeping statement. Many people cant afford that amount but still enjoy riding.
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    Its fair to say you should spend as much as you can afford on a bike, especially if you intend to use it off road but I'm always amazed at the spec you can get for under £1000 especially on a hardtail.

    Reba forks, XT/SLX decent wheels and brakes for £800

    Back to the OP,

    By all mean have a look at womens specific stuff but with a budget of £1200 and a tall wife have a look at the mens stuff too.

    My wife is 5'6" and rides a Medium Pace RC305
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