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Upgrade tyres or not?

SeanosSeanos Posts: 301
edited September 2009 in Road beginners
I've got a sportive coming up in a couple of weeks and wondered whether there'd be much benefit to switching my tyres.

I've got a Focus Cayo that came with Schwalbe Lugano's & I reckon I've done c. 700 miles or so on them without a p*******. As a noob I've got no real frame of reference but they seem ok to me. Would an improvement in performance really be noticeable if I upgraded?

Just done my first (short) sportive and did a reasonable time (just over 18mph average for 48 miles) but if I could get a bit of extra speed without any extra effort I'd be happy (even happier if it came without increasing the risk of a p******).

I'll be doing one longish ride (poss one shorter one as well) each weekend throughout the winter (crappy bike on a turbo) and will probably upgrade the wheels in the spring.

Any advice gratefully received



  • I had those tires to be honest I'd say leave it as it is.

    the tires are good honest training tires, so there are plenty of lighter faster tires but most will be not as fairy resistant.
  • Agreed just use the ones you have; you will need to take a spare tube and repair kit anyway (always). In regards to
    a bit of extra speed without any extra effort I'd be happy
    wouldn't we all m8.  At our levels not a great difference, "Newtons law of Motion"
    Happy Trails  :P
  • skyd0gskyd0g Posts: 2,540
    IMHO, I'd say keep riding the current tyres over winter (which is when the P&$&^"% fairy tends to visit more frequently, due to more [email protected] on the road) then change them in the Spring when the weather clears. :wink:
    Cycling weakly
  • SeanosSeanos Posts: 301
    Cheers all, will hang on to them then get new tyres and wheels in the spring.
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