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cathaldcathald Posts: 105
edited September 2009 in Road beginners
I was thinking of making the step up to a pair of road shoes
My problem is I have a very broad foot and I don't want to order online
and then the shoes will be to tight for me

Anybody else have the same problem with broad feet and if so
what type of shoes did you get

I don't want to spend the earth either in case I will not like the road shoes



  • neilr4neilr4 Posts: 161
    Good man cathal what's the craic!!

    I have the same problem with my feet. Used to wear carnac (no problem) but I don't think the quality is what it once was.

    Shimano do a wide fitting version of their shoes (as well as the regular size) but always go for a shimano shoe one size bigger than your own regular shoe size as they fit on the small side. From what I can gather specialized shoes are wide fitting with plenty of room in the toebox. Sidi are a disaster for wide feet as are Diadora and DMT in my experience.

    I find that to buy shoes here in Ireland is way too expensive (vat etc.) so I think like myself that you'd be better off buying online. You should get good advice on this forum or you can go to a reputable bike shop here, try on different brands then you'll know what to go for online.

    If I find something online that I'm buying new I always go to my local bike shop and tell them what I'm getting and for what price in order to give them a fair crack at the whip and if the price is within a reasonable bracket I'll usually give the business to my local bike shop but only if it's reasonable otherwise it's every man for himself, just like our wonderful government.

    Hope I've been of some help!
    Best of luck.
    Neil Co. Meath.
  • PennPenn Posts: 22
    I have the same issue and I wear Nike shoes, I am normally a size 10 but got size 11 and they fit fantastic.

    So as mentioned before hand, I think you will be fine just to buy a size extra, as long as you know the make isent notrious for being slim.
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