Pump up the jam

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OK, so I’m considering my ‘pump strategy’ (stop your sniggering at the back) as mine just isn’t getting the pressure right and it’s causing punctures... What do most people do?

1. Floor pump (inc gauge) at home and small ‘get out of jail’ pump in jersey/on bike
2. Intermediate, medium size pump on bike at all times

I’m guessing option 1 for pressure reasons, but are there any option 2ers out there who manage perfectly fine? I suppose I’m looking at £40 all in for option 1,...
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  • Floor/ Track pump all the way. Standard pump on the bike.
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    I get MrsNapD to follow me in a Skoda Estate loaded with spares everywhere I go.
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    NapoleonD wrote:
    I get MrsNapD to follow me in a Skoda Estate loaded with spares everywhere I go.

    Hmm, I suppose that would cost less than £40.... The Skoda, that is - not the spares. Do you get her to dress up as Johan Bruyneel too?
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  • Track pump at home for me too and one of these Lezyne jobbies on the road bike; http://www.lezyne.com/index.php/product ... drive.html
    Like all the other frame pumps forget the claimed 160psi ability, but it will definately get enough pressure in the tyre so as to make little difference to the rest of your ride.

    Alternatively I have one of these on my commuting Hybrid, it's the best pump around IMO but, because of the chunkiness, a little difficult to fit to a road frame with 2 water bottle cages taking up the room.