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Lights for London Commute

SlowingDownSlowingDown Posts: 129
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I was about to order a Hope Vision 1 purely for my London commute and get one of the Knog offerings as a backup but having read the reviews of the larger Knog front lights I wondered if I need to go as far as the Vision 1 for 100% London commuter use?

What do you guys think? I know 70 quid on the Vision 1 isn't that much but I just need to be seen rather than see so would the Knogs do?

Oh, and I'm not considering the usual obvious contenders for commuter lights (i.e. Cateye et al) having lost my confidence in them through previous experience.
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  • rich_erich_e Posts: 389
    I've got MTB trail lights on my London (road bike) commuter, but that's purely because I brought them for my MTB for night trail riding.

    Do I need that much light....

    Well for seeing where I am going, I don't think it's that necessary as everywhere is street lit and the other factor is that with commuting, if you do the same route everyday you know where the pot holes and and trouble spots are like the back of your hand.

    It's certainly true the more light you have, the easier it is to be seen. When I have my Niteride Front on flashing, it does tend to really strobe, which I've had a few comments made about by people on pavements.

    It's up to you really if you can afford them for what will be on-road useage, which is a bit overkill. The ideal reason for going for a more expensive light though is to get some kind of rechargeable system, so you aren't fiddling with batteries all the time.
  • I've got one of these. It produces an amazing amount of light for it's size and price. I think you would have to spend at least 3 times that amount to get a bike specific light with as much illumination. My night vision is not the greatest but I can see reasonably well on unlit roads with this and it also has a super bright strobe switch which is great for being seen in heavy traffic areas. Do a forum search here on "lights,lighting, torches" etc. Plenty of posts with info on this and other similar types of torches that work better and cheaper than most any bike specific light.
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