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Cycling Ireland is the UCI-accredited governing body for the island of Ireland (north and south) - British Cycling is the equivalent body for the island of Great Britain (plus the Isle of Man and Gibraltar.) You wouldn't be able to join Cycling Ireland if living in mainland UK.

Worth bearing in mind that the CI bike insurance is quite limited in regard to theft- it does not cover a bike locked outside for example, the bike has to be stolen from inside a house or locked vehicle. It is really designed to cover stuff like race damage.


  • blorgblorg Posts: 1,169
    I think this is the policy document

    Some funny exclusions in there ("change in temperature colour flavour texture or finish") but the one about theft is clear.

    I would be tempted myself as it covers your bike anywhere in Europe including in transit... I fly with my bike often enough and would be nice to have peace of mind there...

    The excess is quite high: €250
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