"One Bear With Sore Head" [Achilles Injury]

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I'm well p***sed off...be suffering with this for 4days now and hobbling around trying to do things..read up about the injury and advises 'rest' [of which I'm not any good at]...or even some light exersise like swimming or even moderate cycling..tried the bike yesterday only got to the end of the road and struggled to get back as its slight gradiant
The weathers the best its been for weeks

Why not go to A&E say's the good lady...ya sit there for 4hr and let them tell me what I already know...and rest

How people sit and watch TV all day...is beyond me


  • You want to be careful, my brother snapped his achilles tendon playing squash...was in plaster for months, and a really really slow recovery, 18 months later and still hasnt been able to start playing squash yet... though he has done a bit on his bike.... be really careful !