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Complaining sometimes works!

FeynmanCFeynmanC Posts: 649
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I went to the Organic Food Fair in Bristol at the weekend, but could find no info about cycling to the event, if bikes were welcome, whether I could park on the outskirts and ride in, etc, on their website or any other literature. As a result, I decided to drive all the way in and park at the event.

I mentioned this to the stand that had loads of local travel info on it, including local cycle maps. The guy I was speaking to looked at me for a second, then had a sudden realisation of what I'd said and looked astonished. "You're right!" he said, "Would you mind leaving a comment in our comments book to say that?".

So I did, just a couple of sentences, with my email address.

I've just had a reply from the Transport Planner for Bristol City Council.
At the Organic Food Festival you were kind enough to leave a comment about the lack of cycling information on the event website.

I have now spoken to our events team, which oversees all events in Bristol, and they have agreed to include a paragraph in the guidance given to organisers about encouraging cycling to the event, and how to provide parking at the event. I will be drafting something in the next week or so.

Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention.

Result! :D


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