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Odd (but positive) incident yesterday, also Cannon Street

RoastieRoastie Posts: 1,968
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So, pootling along there as usual. A bus is stopped and a scooter to the right stops short of the gap ahead so I nip through and continue.

I get stopped at the temporary lights near the tube station - next thing, my rear wheel is hit from behind, being knocked out sideways from under meme. I look back expecting to see a cab, but it is Scooter Man. He is annoyed with me for passing him and now stopping in front of him and holding him up.

I explain that the gap was too small for him to get through, but if I could why not. Oh, and what gives for crashing into me.

He says it was an accident, but goes on about "you cyclists" holding him up. Light green, he shoots off.

I chase after him, keen to continue the conversation, and particularly discover how and why he crashed into me. We have a brief chat, both realise that generalisations and accusations are pointless (credit to him, because he made the first concilatory gesture), shake hands and part on good terms.

Nice to have such a positive experience after the frankly disturbing one the previous day.


  • But is that because you had your d-lock in your fist tapping on the palm of your other hand? :D
    Nice to see there is some form of level headedness out there.
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