Seat Post hanging pannier rack

tom3668 Posts: 18
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Anyone have any recommendations? I saw this

I want to be able to take it off if I don't need it. Also concerned if it will be okay on a carbon seat post?



ps - bag recommendations would also be good.


  • amaferanga
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    Are you planning on using panniers or just a rack-top bag? I'd advise against panniers with seatpost racks. If you can't get everything you need to carry in a rack-top bag anyway then it's probably too heavy for the rack. I'd also advise against using a carbon seatpost. Some people do, but it'd be safer to replace with an alloy one (I doubt you'll even notice any difference in the ride quality). Decthlon do a good quality and cheap seatpost rack (I used one to carry all my stuff on a recent LEJOG).
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