Bike racks at Euston Station

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Does anybody here use the new bike racks at Euston station? I'm considering parking a bike there to use to finish my commute to the city. It would be left overnight and possibly at weekends. I'm just curious as to folks experience of using them, mainly have you found them secure etc. The bike I have in mind for this would be no great loss to bicycle kind if it were nicked but it would still be irritating to lose it to bicycle thieving lowlives.


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    I directly overlook them at work and haven't seen anything untoward before. They are monitered and there are loads of CCTV about.
  • It will go, I promise you… Maybe not for 3 or 4 weeks but it’ll defo go is it’s regularly left overnight and weekends…
    I am lucky in that my bike parking is outside one of our busy offices away from the street. But even here people use fold up bikes and bring them into the office…
    If you want to cycle that’s the safest option… Painful but true :(
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  • I wouldn't leave a bike locked in central London overnight and definitely not over the weekend. However it depends on how knackered yuor bike looks and how strong the locks are, thieves will only spend so long trying to nick a bike and if they're only going to get £50 they probably won't bother if it has 2 sturdy locks on it.
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  • I have left my commuter bike at Marylebone over night, weekends and sometimes a week, for nearly 3 years now without incident, in fact I've never even heard of a bike been stolen although I'm not sure how I would have. Some folks don't even bother with a lock!

    I'm not sure of the setup at Euston but at the bone the racks are behind the ticket barriers with CCTV trained on them which I guess is enough of a deterrent.
  • Thanks for the replies folk. I definitely would put a decent lock on the bike even though the lock would be worth more. I have to say I walk past the racks most days and I do notice the some of the same bikes have been left safely since the racks were installed. They're obviously in use as they move about.

    I agree a folder is the most secure way to go but I already have this bike and would like to give it a go if the risk isn't totally out of order.