Fork compatibility with Ribble frame

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I'm considering a Ribble 7005SL frame for my wife. The frame uses a "Campag fit (45x45)" headset. Does this work with a standard 1.125" fork?


  • Yes as long as the fork has the crown race for the head set fitted.
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  • I started this thread because Ribble's phone was engaged. I got through a moment ago and the chap I spoke to said that I need a "ITS" fork and that my standard 1.125" fork wouldn't do.

    The crown race comes with the headset, surely? Then it's a question of the tube being the right diamater. I know that product images on web sites aren;t anything to go by, but this 1.125" ITS fork doesn't appear to have any surprising features, yet the wording throughout Ribble's fork range suggests compatibility with 1.125" tubes and an hidden headset.

    Yep, I'm baffled.
  • The steerer will be 1 1/8 but it's how the mating fce of the fork and frame meet so you dont get an ugly looking step down from frame to fork
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  • Sounds like it's just cosmetic. The lower fork/frame interface should be the crown race and the lower bearing. Unless there's something specific about the junction of fork crown and steerer with an IST fork, it should work.

    I think I'll suck it and see! I'll report what I find.
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    It is only cosmetic but a none integrated fork in an integrated frame looks a bit odd. Also is more likely to get cr*p in the bearing.