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Locker tips!

CantdosleepyCantdosleepy Posts: 122
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It's getting chillier, kids, and that means that the humble locker - even in summer a place for garments to fester - is about to become a dingy old mildew factory.

What tips do you have of getting things to dry out faster / not stink so much? Dessicants / de-humidifiers in there? Some kind of Febreze releaser?

I don't want to stick a horrendous Glade Smeller in there - I'm hoping to lessen the mouldiness, not just cover it up.

What are your tricks?


  • Hang any damp stuff outside locker. I got hooks put up in changing room, and that makes all the difefrence. I store shirts, trousers, spare towel, work socks etc in locker, so cannot pollute it with damp stuff.
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  • Yeah, I put my bike and sweaty kit in a fire exit corridor in the basement. A few other people hang sweaty running gear there too, however even hung out to dry properly, the whole fire exit still smells like a sweaty boy's changing room, so I don't really think there's m uch you can do unless you cycle much more slowly so you don't actually break sweat.
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