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wife (who snapped her ACL skiing 2 years ago) wants to get a turbo trainer to help build up her legs before this years skiing season and as I have been contemplating one for the winter have any of you got any suggestions ? It will be used by me (fit) and the wife (fat - but hoping to work on that). Would she need to use a road bike purely on it or can she use her MTB ? (I have a spare old roady I could fit to it) Any advice would be welcome !

cheers chaps


  • andyrr
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    Can use an mtb on some of them - I've an old Taxc and it doesn't seem to allow the roller to be moved enough to make contact with the smaller wheel but a Kurt Kinetic I have does and works fine.
    You'd probably want a smooth rear tyre as a knobbly tyre will be as noisy as heck.
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    I would be very wary about buying a turbo for your wife to build up her fitness-they are notoriously boring and she may soon give up.I think a better option may be to take out a temporary gym membership then she can get a programme tailored to her fitness needs.

    If on the other hand you are looking for an excuse to buy one for your own use :wink: I would still be cautious for the same reason.I bought one two years ago and have only used it three times.At the end of the day I would rather don bad weather gear and get out in the real world.

    Hope your wife soon gets back to full fitness.