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I'm having problems with a 28 spoke, 3X rear wheel, Hope Pro 3 hub, Open Pro rim, Sapim DB spokes. The non drive side spokes continually break at the bend in the spoke adjacent to the hub. The wheels were built by a guy who knows what he's doing & he reckons that the dimension from the spoke hole in the hub to the outer edge of the hub is too great causing the spoke to rub the edge of the hub & fail in fatigue.
Anyone got any thoughts?
Alternatively can anyone recommend a good 28 spoke hub, Shimano 10 & pref sealed bearings.
Many thanks
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  • I would call another wheelbuilder or contact Hope directly just to get a second opinion as to whether the hub is responsible for the spoke breakage. They may know of some special problems that occur with different spokes, rims, lacing patterns, etc.
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    I've got some Pro3s and not had any problems.

    The non-driveside is generally under less tension, so this is a bit surprising.

    My build is 28h, 3X and DT aerospeed spokes. I'll check tonight whether the spokes touch the hub or not, as you describe.
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    That's a load of crap.

    Look at any hub which has been built into a wheel and you'll see little grooves where the spokes have been touching the hub flange. That's not a problem. The only problem with hub flanges/spoke holes can be that they're too large for the spokes, this can be solved by using washers or triple butted spokes which are very fat at the bend.

    Essentially, your wheelbuilder's a bit rubbish. Take them elsewhere, get them rebuilt by someone competent and you'll be sorted.