Punctured at last

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Well it had to happen, after 1400 miles of riding my current bike on the same tyres I finally got a puncture yesterday, however as it was in the last half mile of the 67 Mile Macride at Stratford I wasn't overly impressed.

Add to that my four companions did one to the finish only 20 minutes after I declared that I must have left my tube/levers/pump on the kitchen work top by accident earlier in the morning (whilst rushing to make the same companions sausage sandwiches no less).

Good day gone bad very quickly! Thought I would share.


  • timb64
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    Very bad luck.
    What sort of tyre was it?I ran a set of Michelin Pro 3 that went 1600 miles before first puncture.
  • FOAD
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    Schwalbe Ultremo R....only happened because the route took us down a cycle path I would never normally ride down (because of all the crap on the surface).
  • CiB
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    Mich Pro 3 have very good tread puncture resistance, but the sidewalls are made of rice-paper. I love them as tyres but the lack of ability to withstand anything sideways on is a bind.
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    My first set of Michelin Krylions never had a puncture, they did well over 3000 miles, close to 5000 I think and nothing, the other day we where riding along and I went through a pot hole that someone failed to point out and buckled my wheel, thought I got a pinch flat, but on later inspection I had a thorn straight through the tyre on my Krylions, not even done 1000 miles on these yet, I was not happy!