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mooniomoonio Posts: 802
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I'm bored, should we have a thread for tweets?
ok I'll start

About to watch a film and take some clips from it, cleaned the house but not the bike.. :evil:


  • mooniomoonio Posts: 802
    I guess this thread wont be a floater then :D
  • cjcpcjcp Posts: 13,345
    How does one tweet?
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  • cjcp wrote:
    How does one tweet?

    On Twitter normally :-)

    The general idea will be to try and get an brief description of what your doing in 140 or less characters!

    I'm sure the kind person that put together the SCR website set up a feature whereby all tweets (on Twitter) tagged with #itsnotarace are displayed on the site:

    Will have to remember to tag mine each morning now :-D
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