cycling shorts for short commute?

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goint to start cycling to work this week, its only about 6 miles but i hardly ever ride short distances at the moment and so always wear cycling shorts.

Worth it for commuting to work? or just normal underwer and some baggies.
Cant remember the last time i rode a bike with normal clothes lol


  • sturmey
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    you can get padded undershorts- these would do and prevent the walk of shame from arriving at work in lycra.
  • Wear the cycling shorts - my commute is a similar distance and I regretted trying to go in normal sports gear!
  • Wear cycling shorts if thats what you normally wear, you will feel a lot more comfortable.

    Whem the weather is OK I wear some padded Dirt Monkey cycling shorts, look like normal shorts but padded. Means I can put my entrance pass and money for a newspaper in a convenient pocket.
  • whyamihere
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    I never bothered over 7 miles, just normal shorts and underwear.
  • I do 4 miles to work , and i always wear padded shorts, i get a bit of stick , but hey ho
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  • Joe86
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    If you are worried about your appearance, have you thought about buying 'baggy padded shorts' ? You can get some nice shorts that are a nice fit, and don't restrict your movement or feel a hinderence. I have a pair of lycra, and also baggy ones. They are more expensive than entry level lycra, but Evans has some depending on size:

    altura-altitude-baggy-shorts.jpg ... s-ec002010

    I know most people have jerseys and bags, but I also like the fact they have some nice pockets on there to keep a few bits in!
  • daviesee
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    For short journeys I don't think you need padded shorts.

    However, for any length of journey you need to be wearing something tight, whether underwear or shorts. If you have ever sat down and "caught yourself" OUCH!!!! you will know what I mean. :shock:
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  • amaferanga
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    Lycra shorts and tights are so much better when it rains or its cold. I wear baggy shorts sometimes during the summer, but as soon as the weather turns I'll be wearing lycra every day.
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    Ron Hills and ordinary underwear - 7 miles and a decent saddle really doesn't need anything more - warm and comfy and ok in the rain. Mind you, though I wear padded shorts on weekend rides, I never actually feel I need to; I've never had any problems unpadded! Probably down to my ultra low fat percentage......
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  • timb64
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    No need for padded shorts on such a short journey.It might be a bit less comfortable to start with but you'll soon man up
  • I like wearing padded shorts, even for walks in the park :oops: