Well, Mrs just ordered new Orbea...

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Well been and ordered an Orbea Enol for the Mrs thanks to the help from the guys at All Terrain. (And her first ever road bike)

After trying Giants/Treks and Orbeas (WSD and Mens) she found this the best fit by a long margin.

Will be here in two weeks, only thing im wondering, the wheels dont seem much cop on it, and I have some Bonti SSR's from my Trek in the garage gathering dust, would it be worth putting these on the new bike?

Cheers guys


  • shim 2200 on orbea hubs.

  • hopper1
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    I have an Orbea Asphalt, same wheels, they're not too strong but have been ok. Still spinning well after two years. They're a bit flexible when you get out of the saddle, but I guess that depends on how strong your missus is.
    I just got Easton EA90SLX's on my new bike, and the two sets are like night and day! :shock:
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    The wheels are 2200 hubs to Kronos rims. They're what you'd expect from a bike in that price range. I have the model up, which also came with those wheels and they're ok. I've just upgraded them though.
  • But would the SSRs be better is what im wondering? I know they are super stiff, stiffer than my Khamsins infact as they didnt flex much when I put the power down at 17 stone..
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    I would let her break in the bike on the sub-par wheels just in case she prangs or destroys them. Once she has taken to the bike and you think she's ready :wink: put on the better wheels as there's less risk! :D