Help!!! am putting brake/gear cables on my bike.

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Am putting front/back brake cables and both gear cables, and not sure where to start!!!
have got sti shifters (with the black thumb button instead of paddle) not sure if this is the proper name. cant work out if the brake cable just run out of them r housing goes into them!!!

am all over the place!!, any links/diagrams/ offers to come around and do it for me! are all welcome

cheers Dean


  • I am guessing you have Shimano Sora.
    If so here ... 615004.pdf
  • I agree sounds like the sore shifters

    make sure you have the cutters for the job or you'll make a mess of the cables + ends.

    run the brake cables in from the top in the space that opens up when you pull the lever to brake. They'll the emerge coming toward you if you were sat in the saddle. slide the outers on from here.

    to do the shift cables i seem to remember pulling the levers across into the shifting position and running it through that way. they exit the shifters out the large holes you can see pointing towards/90degrees to the front wheel. don't force them though; they can get stuck and its an awful job to try and get them out.

    all in all get the lbs to do it and then set up the shifting yourself, that way it'll only take them 5-10mins and won't ruin the shifters - and be cheaper than buying the cable tool.