missing my cycling!!

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having been involved in a RTA in june im still off work and unable to cycle due to having damaged vertebrea and herniated disc and nerve damage in my back where the car struck me from behind :shock: .
this is giving me problems, but hey its made me realise just how much i miss and love my commute, its only seven miles each way but i often find myself setting off extra early to get a few extra miles in around the country lanes of cheshire.
the third party has paid up and im looking at new bikes, i want it to have suspension but want it to be quick on the road, i have about £1000 so would i be better with a HT bike or full sus? i dont know??? to much time on my hands to think i think! any recomendations welcome. :?


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  • God.I have got to stop evangelising haven't I? :D
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  • Sorry to hear about your RTA - doesn't sound like fun at all :-(

    I'd go for a hard tail rather than a full sus, if you want it to be fast on the road. Preferably one with lock-out, so if you ever do fancy having no-suspension you can do, and get some extra speed. Look at the Scott Sportster, P3 or P2 perhaps. In budget with some change, and the P3 model and above have lock-out on the suspension. Should be a fairly fast bike on the road, the 2010's are out in a few weeks :-)

    Failing that, just get a compliant road bike - there are a variety of frames available, ranging from comfy to rock 'ard! The new CR1 (bit out of budget - by about £200 - it's a bargain) is meant to be a relaxed road ride these days, while the Addict has become the hardcore racer.



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    I wouldn't go full suss, and if you will be using your bike just for the commute I wouldn't spend £1000, unless you've got money to burn.

    Take a look at Evans's website, search for hybrids with front suss, they have a number on sale, pick 3 you like the look of , post pics on here , then everyone will give you further suggestions totally unrelated to the bikes you like :P

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