Powerlink Compatability

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Last weekend I purchased a chain measuring tool to keep an eye on my chain wear. Road bike was fine but my Ridgeback Supernova 's chain was knackered. I purchased a 9 speed chain and a couple of 9 speed "powerlinks" for in the saddlebag on my Cube.
Surprisingly easy to replace a chain...bloody messy job though ..ughh
My Cube Aerial has a Tiagra triple (hey but I don't use the "Granny Ring" anymore).
My cycling buddy has a Giant SCR2 and it has a 10 speed 105 setup.

My question is, if he breaks a chain, can a 9 speed powerlink be used to repair a 10 speed chain :?:
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  • keef66
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    I wouldn't have thought so, I'm assuming 10 speed chain is narrower so the 9 spd link will stick out a bit either side.

    Spose it might do as a limp home emergency better than walking and cheaper than taxi kind of measure. Wouldn't want to do any hill climbs on it personally.
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    I don't think so.

    You can interchange most of the brands, but not speeds.
    That said, it might last a short while.
  • keef66
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    Just checked. External width of chains:

    8 spd 7.2mm
    9 spd 6.8mm
    10 spd 6.2mm

    0.6mm might not sound a lot, it will go through the derailleurs OK, but it may mean that the 9spd link is fouling the adjacent 10sp sprockets as it passes round the cassette. Might do in a scrape, but it's not ideal. definitely no hill climbing!