How hard to get ave up by a few mph?

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Got the bug this year and been goin out casually but sometimes looking at the speedo numbers and trying to impress myself. Got back this evening after doing about 20m and averaged 19.8 mph (this was on a road I've never done before and at 1 point hit >40mph which is my new record :D ). To get this average I pushed myself pretty hard. Next year I want to do plenty of local 10m TT's. The ave. top times for the main course are around 23 min. I reckon I'd come in at around 30 min (and breathing out my ar*e). So how how hard is it gonna be to shave that time down (without completely giving up my weekend lifestyle - Beer, few roll-ups, junk food)????



  • I reckon you'd be able to do a sub 30min TT already. 19.8MPH for an hour is good and I'm guessing it had some bumps seeing as you were able to hit 40MPH.

    I did my first 10TT this year and did it in 27:05 but I have still never averaged 20mph for an hour yet, my best being 19.2 (although still haven't found a flat 20 mile route yet).

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    Knocking the smoking on the head for starters if you're serious would be my advice
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    If your averaging Nearly 20mph then sub 30mins is a given, especially if your hour ride includes a proper warm up and cool down. You'd be better concentrating on some shorter efforts of, say, 5 mins at closer your max. Your average may go down but you'll ride better races.
  • Flasheart wrote:
    Knocking the smoking on the head for starters if you're serious would be my advice

    you gotta give up the baccy...pronto...
  • Sol.

    Cigs nearly killed me. Stop now. I mean right now. If you got any left bin 'em. Please. Daftest thing you can do to your body bar none.
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  • I think you will be way under 30 minutes. I never average anywhere near 20mph on normal roads, e.g. this ride is a pretty good average speed for me at 17.8mph for 62 minutes:
    The problem is that you lose time on the uphill bits, but can't gain it back on the downhill bits because of sharp bends that mean you're always on the brakes. And that is a course with no places to get held up at junctions or traffic lights - if I do a ride to the Surrey hills and back, it's typically less than 16mph average.

    On the other hand, here is my 10 mile time trial, where I averaged 23.6mph on the same bike, but with clip on aero bars:
    Straight up and down the A24, plus you finish at slightly lower altitude than you start. You can pretty much put the power in at every point of the course apart from a few seconds of having to back off at the turning point. And that is not the fastest TT course around, as it still has a fair bit of uphill and downhill, there must be flatter courses out there. I know there is one course where you start off going down a great big hill for 1-2 miles where you're doing 40+mph, but on the return leg, the finish point is before the road goes back up it, so people go a lot faster on that course than on G10/42.
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    TarmacExpert, it looks like you hammer from the start and finish with a mega sprint to your front door! I try to keep it really easy for the first and last 10 mins but my averages suffer. My 10TT time is nearly 10mph quicker than my usual training ride average!
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    Damb, 19.8mph ave and still you want to go faster!! LOL only joking, im still around the 16mph ave mark but want to be at 20mph ave as a goal. Im generally doing 2 x 20 or 5min harder intervals with lots of hill repeats. I only started riding in Jan, and riding 3 times a week has improved my average from 10mph to 16mph so im getting there slowly.... but I would like to do some 10TT next year, currently researching aero bars as im not sure if I should get some...

    Out of interest as you are in Sudbury area, which 10TT courses would you be riding as im Ipswich area.
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    I'm in a similar position to you, in terms of speed and also distance of rides I usually do. I wanted to try and get over the 20 mph average mph. The problem I find is that my routes have a lot of junctions and roundabouts, so I'm constantly having to slow down and then regenerate speed. I usually average 18.5-20 mph, but I find I'm rarely dropping below 17-18 mph even on short ascents, and I usually keep a steady 23-24 mph pace on flat roads, but because I'm new to the roads, and also the bike, I find the clipping in/out, and also having to wait behind cars and rolling forward significantly reduces my average speed. I'm guessing without those, I think I would be able to crack >20 mph average speed, but then on the other hand I wonder whether without the pauses I would be able to maintain that pace, because I'm not having any unplanned rest intervals.

    I have tried to find a few main roads, but the problem with those is that the crosswinds are really bad, and that slows me right down.

    A question to some of you, what makes a good time trial course? Should you try to keep the ascent/descent values similar, or should you try and find as much of a flate route as you can? Main roads, residential roads, etc? I mean for recreational cyclists, I'm trying to find a route that I could use as a good training one for 10 milers.

  • cheers for comments folks...yer I know I need to jack in the smokes. It's on my to do list!

    Gav888 the particular route I mean is the Lavenham 10 (Google cycle club sudbury and they detail the TT courses/events/etc)
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    Give up the fags, and then pedal faster. :wink: