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So, I have moved house and I have a spare wall in my dining room which is crying out to have a bike displayed on it. Anyone know where I can get brackety things to put it on when it is up there which will keep the pedals clear of the wall?
Cheers all, and isn't it a lovely day?

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    Hi Linsen

    Lovely day and all that, but I'm more interested in what type of bike will be displayed on said wall. I mean, you can't put up any old bike. Got to be something drool-making: a thing of beauty :D
  • I got mine (the one on the outside of my cottage) from Halfords...
  • linsen
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    I just saw a cycloc thingy which looks very modern art (would put up a picture here, but can't be bothered, and besides, I really ought to do some work this school year), but it is very pricey and looks a bit like a bucket.

    CW - I shall be displaying Frank. He is indeed a thing of beauty. That is why he can't live in the shed with all the others.....
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  • Was the cycloc thing one of those that looks like a bucket?

    If not, they're quite cool.
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    Hang on, let me get this one straight:

    1) You're a woman

    2). You want to hang your bike on the wall of your dining room.

    That's just awesome.

    Edit: I have nothing constructive to say except that you are awesome.

    My girlfriend doesn't want any bikes in the flat... not that she had a choice but has stopped me at two... My mates wife makes him leave the bike chained outside.. plus only 1hr of x-box a week... unthinkable...
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    Thank you for your compliments. It is an entirely practical issue - It's not insured!
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    Just watch what you ride through before you hang it above the dinner table :wink:
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    Flasheart wrote:
    Just watch what you ride through before you hang it above the dinner table :wink:

    nothing wrong with chocolate sprinkles
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    Lins - if you're still looking for something, I still have the one that used to be up in my living room - think you would have seen it when you drove me home after the crash?

    Takes two bikes, and is free standing, as it holds up with the weight of the bikes against a wall.

    I'm free the weekend after next after next if you want to come over to pick it up
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    My bikes both hang on those 9 quid wall brackets from Halfords. They are far less obtrusive than the bucket brackets, which was a stipulation from Mrs Roastie. Also very easy to install.
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    Looks purty, too (well, more so than hooks on the wall, IMO; but tastes will obviously differ). Bit expensive though.
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