Chain slipping?

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Hi All,
I've had my bike ( a Tricross triple) since Christmas and I do about 100km a week.

This week I noticed that when on the smallest 3 cogs on the rear cassette and the middle chain ring the chain seems to 'slip', especially when I push harder on the pedals. Could this be due to the chain stretching? If so, what's the best remedy, please? Could it be something else? The chain is a Shimano HG73, and is generally kept quite clean!

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  • Slip or jump ? Measure chain should be exactly 12 inches centre pin to centre pin . Replace Chain and cassette .
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    Definitely replace the chain, then give it a try and see if it solves your problem. If not, you'll need a new casette as well.

    It's best to change your chain quite regularly, before it gets a chance to mess your casette up with it when it has worn. It becomes a lot more expensive then.
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    Before you spend any money make sure that your gears are indexed properly. What you describe is consistent with gears that are slightly misadjusted. Worth checking before you splash out £20 on a chain and £40 on a cassette. IMO if your cassette has only done around 4500km then it shouldn't need replacing.
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  • pottssteve
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    Thanks, chaps.
    I will get the gears looked at (I'm technically inept but luckily I admit it) before I spend any money. The chain and cassette both look OK to me though.
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