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I have finally decided to buy a bike computer, the Boardman model from Halfords(yeah I know bit what can you do?) and there's a question I want to ask as no-one seems to be able to answer it. Can you put the sensor on the back wheel rather than the front? I only ask because all the models I looked at were fitted on the front and I'd like to fit it on the back so I can keep an eye on speed, distance, cadence etc whilst I'm on my turbo during the winter.

Anyone able to help?


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    I have a Cateye Strada, Double Wireless... They fit to the back wheel :wink:
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    If it has a cadence sensor, then it probably by default be fitted to the back wheel. The only issue with fitting a standard wireless computer sensor to the back wheel is the range of transmission to the display unit on the handlebars.
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