BeOne Storm 2009

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I'm on the verge of buying a BeOne Storm 2009 road bike and i dont know if it comes with pedals or not. If not can anybody suggest a cheapish pair of pedals for it. I thought of Shimano 105 s in Black just so most of the components matched






  • batch78
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    No it almost certainly won't come with pedals.

    My old BeOne shipped with some flats in the box though. If you need clipless buy your own.
  • zedders
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    Yo and welcome to the forum Stan.
    I like your choice of bike. That looks nice in black.

    The only thing I would say about pedals, is have you considered getting something doublesided making it easier to clip in & out? I appreciate your probably on a budget, but something like Speedplay are definitaly worth considering?
    batch78 wrote:
    No it almost certainly won't come with pedals.
    +1. No pedal am afraid.
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    Ribble are doing free postage an 105 pedals in black fairly cheap.
  • thanks for all replies about the pedal situ

    I'll look into all possible solutions maybe touring pedals as i have no cycling shoes yet

    maybe shimano apd 350's