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Help I'm Steamin' Up

KeirBeeKeirBee Posts: 4
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Hi there, been riding road about a year and a half, doing some decent miles now.

I am an ex-rugby player and still carry some of the excess weight that my former sport demanded. Needless to say I am not the fastest uphill but am determined and improving slowly. Things is in Scotland the next hill is never far away.

Big issue is finding a set of sunglasses that won't steam up! The two sets I have tried until now are fine until heading up hills when my "engine" heats up and the prevailing breeze slows down. I end up blinded by the fogged up lenses.

I have also just recovered from a detatched retina operation and have one decent eye left so taking the glasses off on a road cycle has it's own risks from stones, flies, midges etc.

Some of the sunglass options appear to be very expensive, happy to pay up but would be interested if anyone else out there suffers from this and/or which product give decent protection and continuity of vision?

Many thanks



  • Hi KeirBee

    You will no doubt have lots of people coming on here to tell you which set of oakleys, giro's or whatever you should get and each will have their own merits and are undoubtedly good peices of kit.
    All i can say though is that i have owned a pair of Prolight Rovigo glasses for about a year now and wear them every day. They cost me £23 from chain reaction and included 5 sets of lenses and a hard case and cloth. I have had no problem with fogging up and think they are great.
    As i say they are not necessarily the best you could get and are certainly not the most expensive but they do work and are great value. :)
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  • Washing up liquid is recommended by Motorcyclists. I believe you wash the lenses in a very weak solution but dont rinse it off, let them dry naturally. ... g-fogging/
  • Rub a tiny amount of washing up liquid on the lenses then polish off...sorted.
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  • I've ordered a pair of these from Chain reaction, seem to get decent reviews and are antifog (?) ... elID=26714

    i'm only spending £14 cause i will loose/drop/sit on/ break *(delete as appropriate) in no time at all
  • I also have an eye problem in one eye so I always ride with eye protection, most of the time I use some safety glasses I bought from screwfix for under a fiver, they look sporty, thier strong, have uv protection and when they mist up I slide them down my nosea bit (advantge of a big nose). If it's a long uphill I'll take them off completely as I'm soo slow there is virtualy no risk of impacts
  • +1 for washing up liquid as I also use to use it in gas masks when I was in the TA.
  • You can also use a dry bar of soap to coat the lenses and wipe off with a dry towel but just make sure the soap doesn't have any dirt or grit on it which can scratch the lense.+2 on the washing up liquid but the only problem with these and most other anti-fog treatments is that once they get wet from sweat, rain, etc. they loose their effectiveness. I've found that glasses that don't hug your face too tightly and allow a decent flow of air seem to be the best at staying fog free. .
  • k-dogk-dog Posts: 1,652
    Obviously they are expensive but one of the best for this sort of thing is Oakley.

    They do 2 things which are useful in these situtations - vented lenses and their new hydrophobic coating.

    The coating is actually designed to make water bead up and run off in the rain (think a varnished deck) but it also helps prevent fogging. The vents obviously just let air through.

    They're also very good for protection - you can see all sorts of videos on their website of them dropping spikes on the lenses and stuff - and every pair they make meets the same standard - so would be a good idea if you're worried about your good eye.
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  • NWLondonerNWLondoner Posts: 2,047
    +1 for washing up liquid.

    I need to get a new (clear) pair as the dark tint does not do me any favours in the evenings that are now closing in.
  • I've ridden motorcycles for over 30 years and can state that fairy liquid/potatoes/old wives tales and most ot the purpose made products don't work on visors, I've tried em all and still fogged up and had poor visibility into the bargain by applying the stuff.

    For motorcycling, the only solution that has ever worked for me are the Fog City Visor Shields.

    But for using sunglasses either while cycling or on the motorbike, I use a product called Salclear it's about a fiver but lasts for ages, and it works (for me anyway).

    I can put sunglasses on in the winter without any issues.

    Your can buy direct or from fleabay........

    Give it a whirl, worth a try?
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  • GarzGarz Posts: 1,155
    Rub a tiny amount of washing up liquid on the lenses then polish off...sorted.

  • +1 for Fairy liquid. Any dirt particles will cause fogging much more easily, ever noticed how a dirty windscreen mists up in a car? I wear specs all the time, and I've noticed an amazing reduction in fogging AND eye strain simply by washing my specs everyday.

    And this is going to sound daft, but when I played sports that involved me needing to wear those awful impact resistant goggles I would sweat so much that they'd mist up too. I cured it by spraying my face with anti-persp in the locker room beforehand.
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    The Endura Marlin glasses at £50 are a good buy. I use them and it's like riding with a windscreen. I just clean them with the same alcohol cloths I use for my laptop screen before each ride and never have a problem with steaming up. They don't look great on, especially without a helmet, but they work. They are also light reactive so will darken/lighten as UV levels rise/fall
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