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make sure you get the right bike

SimonLyonsSimonLyons Posts: 203
edited September 2009 in Commuting chat
2 of us at work went on Cycle scheme back in February

I got a Giant roadbike.
Other person got a Giant Escape Subzero.
Both cycle ~70 miles+ a week

We cycled together to Skegness this Tuesday on respective bikes ~75miles.
I spent most of it trying not to drop him. Any slight inclines before the Fens he disappeared backwards.

Last few days he has been looking at roadbikes on the Internet drooling.


  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    But, when he does get his roadbike, he'll whup you good and proper. Nothing like battling against the elements in something upright and slow to build strength........

    You've had it easy for too long :lol:

    PS no slight inclines in that part of the world - merely minor deviations from the horizontal.
    Faster than a tent.......
  • Fens was have I gone by this house/ditch/field before.

    I was expecting to be whupped as he goes full throttle everywhere, whereas I try to take it easy.
    I'll just ask him to slow down next time if/when he is on a faster machine.

    I have done the heavy/slow, first build up strength and then it started to knacker my knees.
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