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Looking for something different

RockingRiderRockingRider Posts: 3
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Hi there

New here! Had fun reading over this forum/site for the past week... I'm looking at getting a bike through my work's cycle scheme and looking for advice on the best bike to get. I'll be mostly on-road, but would like to go off road occasionally. I want to travel as fast as possible (once did 25 mph-ish). Work is 5 miles down a long hill, but I'll be coming back up it!

My budget can stretch to £800 and I'll be ready to buy this month - also would be interested in a bike that has a good resale value in a year's time.

I quite like the sleek design of the Bad Boy bikes. I've read the sticky and figured out that the Specialized Crosstrail Elite (10) £500 and Marin Kentfield FS £424 look good.

I'm looking for something different too. I love my gadgets, so if there was something like in-built dynamo lighting that would be a plus. I liked the Dahon IOS XL announced this week with it's phone charger - though I'm not really looking for a folding bike.

Any further suggestions?

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