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another story of d*ckheads on the road today :evil: ! so i was going at a pretty average pace and saw that there was a parked van about 10 meters ahead so went to signal to go round it but a lorry insisted on carrying on accelerating so that it was level with me so i had nowhere to go! but by this time i had run out of time to stop and took the van head on.

My head took the full blow of the hit! and i ended up with a broken nose and a face full of cuts and pulling all the muscels in my upper back and neck! anyway more importantly my fork has bent beyond repair and so has my front wheel!! oh and my helmet has split in 2!! thank god for helmets!!!! dont think i will be going out for a while......
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  • Thank god you were wearing a helmet! Dread to think what would have happened without it. Sorry to hear about your news!
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    You get d**Kheads driving all sorts of wagons but lorry drivers seem to be the worst(at least here where I live)
    A bent fork and busted wheel can be replaced but a skull cant be got in a LBS so good job you had on your hemlet

    Hope your feeling better soon

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    I had some woman going for it today on one of those priority over oncoming vehicles, where I had the priority, she was going for it untill I pulled right out then she stopped, so inpatient. Also had another a$$hole overtake me nearly skimming the side of me because they where too inpatient.

    Hope your nose heals, how long untill you can ride again?
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    see post below, can't delete this one :roll:
  • i've just got home now from my friends, it's half midnight now, roads are empty but you still get the odd fool who goes out of their way to cut it as close as they can. Then to top it off i rode towards a group of people cycling home from shift work at a warehouse, all had lights, hi-vis jackets, were in single file etc but were ALL on the wrong side of the road. i offered them my thoughts but the sentiments that came back my way implied that i was in the wrong!! :roll:

    to the original poster, did you get any details of the lorry, surely yopu have a damages claim. personal and the bike!!
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    211dave112, where they foreign?
  • freehub wrote:
    211dave112, where they foreign?

    yeah they were, i didn't add that point to my previous post because i didn't want to come across in any way racist. but yes they were.
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    OP nasty mate, sorry to hear that. Hope you get mended soon and the bike gets sorted.

    211dave112 if you know the factory they work at, why not phone their HR dept. (if they have one) and tell them that their employees need some cycling education.
    I recall that employers have a responsibility to their employees welfare on their journey's too and from work. You'll be doing the company a favour and the factory workers a service without getting a mouthfull as it's coming from their boss.
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