Most breathable waterproof jacket < £150 ??

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Looking for a new waterproof jacket, want one thats very breathable. Want the kind of thing that if its showery or looks iminent that I can chuck on as my top layer and just get out and ride for a couple of hours.

I have an Endura Superlight which was about £80 and its not breathable enough, the inside just ends up wet with condensation so Id like something a lot better up to £150... am I expecting miracles here? ...not had experience of high end jackets.

Looked at a Protective Kashi, Gore Alp X, Gore Oxygen III... any comments on these??

Any pointers to good items in stock, good prices for 40-42" chest would be appreciated or practical viewpoints/advice??



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    I don't have one, but I believe that jackets made from eVENT are the most breathable.

    The Endura Venturi seems to get great reviews as does the Montane Stormrider.
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    FWIW I don't believe anything waterproof is going to be breathable enough so reserve a full-on waterproof for long rides in proper rain and wear a windproof for light rain or short rides in heavy rain.
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    ...yes, I am increasingly thinking along those lines but still, the most breathable ones out there have got to be worth it for comfort surely.. Im also looking for something with a roadie specific tailored cut, that endura seems a bit 'off road' to me.
  • you can get waterproof - thats a bin liner
    you can get breathable - thats a string vest

    you can't get both, though people who spend a fortune on gear may say different
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    i used to go out in the rain with a Altura Nevis waterproof, it was horribly uncomfortable.

    went out today, in torrential rain, with a base layer + LS jersey and a slightly windproof gilet. much more comfortable,
  • I dont think there is such a thing as waterproof and breathable.
    Ive spent a ton of money in the past searching for the jacket holy grail and not yet found it.

    I have been using a team issue waterproof gilet and has served me well. Its only got a water repellent finish but works well and dries quickly

    Arms and legs dry quickly too!
  • mfin wrote:
    ...yes, I am increasingly thinking along those lines but still, the most breathable ones out there have got to be worth it for comfort surely.. Im also looking for something with a roadie specific tailored cut, that endura seems a bit 'off road' to me.

    Can't help with the 'roadie cut', but at a little above your budget £160 - £180, you should look at the Paramo Velez. Paramo make by far the most breathable waterproofs available. Only issue is they are a little heavy and can be warm, although they are producing lighter versions. But they will move liquid water from the inside of the jacket outwards, unlike membrane based coats which can only move water vapour - so you will stay much drier and more comfortable.

    And they last for many years. I've been using one of their jackets for hill walking for over 12 years as it's still as effective as when new. I use a Velez for mountain biking.
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    The new Gore Windstopper jackets with sealed seams would be my recommendation - nearly as watertight as a full waterproof, but a lot more breathable. Even the best 'breathable' fabrics simply aren't breathable enough when riding hard IME - I only wear a waterproof when it's raining hard - you generate enough heat to keep you warm in most conditions
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    just get a decent windproof, and a cheapish waterproof shell, such as a Montane Featherlite, for when it's hoofing it down. ... elID=11427

    And I've got a eVent jacket - Gill Prospeed - and it's good but once it's proper raining there's very litlle to choose between that and the Montane. But if it's not proper raining it's nowhere near as good as the windproof.

    I run Gore windstoppers - a older N2S Phantom and a Oxygen SO.
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    Fully Waterproof

    Pick one.

    Personally as long as I'm warm I'm not bothered about wet.
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    Im looking at the endura stealth, got great reviews if a little pricey!

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    I have a Stealth and whilst it's a great jacket it's not fantastically breathable, it's fine when just doing a steady ride but you get hot pretty quickly when putting an effort in. That said I never really noticed being sweaty wearing it, I always wore a merino base layer underneath and although when I stopped the base layer was soaked through I never noticed it when riding. It's brilliant when it's really cold though, just undo the front zip a bit if you get too warm. As it's a softshell it's not packable so I only wear it if I know it's going to be raining a lot or if it's really cold.
  • I am not 100% sure but i think you may find eVent is more breathable than Windstopper. I use an eVent Gill Pro Speed and its a) waterproof and b) very breathable, despite some people believing this is not possible.
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    haven't read all the replys but here's my take in a nut shell (sorry if i repeat some things already said):

    on longer, hard rides in the rain even if you have something which is 'waterproof' you'll sweat like a bugger and simply get wet on the inside. i personally believe the greatest risk is not from getting wet but from getting cold from the windchill. i would put money into a jacket that doesn't in anyway absorb water (like some winter jerseys) and has a windstopper fabric. i went out in awful rain for 2 hours on Wednes. i had a simple nike base layer, my cycle club jesrey, arm warmers but most importantly my assos element one gillet. i was fine but am well 'ard though.
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    I have a Rapha winter jacket - its water resistant - if its a shower it will bead on the outside and roll off. In heavy rain it will soak thru. It is windproof though and thats the important thing for keeping the chill off.

    Breathable is impossible in the rain. Just think how sweaty you get in the dry - and theres no barrier to the sweat evaporating with a normal top on. Now add a shell over the top - its got to restrict it.
  • Does anyone have any experience of the Mavic rain jackets ie the neptune? I have been half thinking about getting one but since the zip broke on my Endura it is now top priority. How about Castelli jackets? are they worth the money in terms of keeping you dry?
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    I really expected some people to come on here and say xxx is the best you can get. I'm still assuming a Gore Oxygen III or Protective Kashi will be near as damn it as good as you can get then. I hear what people are saying about what's possible and what to expect but some of these jackets must perform pretty well on the breathability front.

    I also accept that that when its raining not a lot is going to evaporate, but thats not the point so much as if air is flowing through the fabric all the time then you're not sat in your own 'sealed sweaty tent'. Hence, why I don't want a windstopper.
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    nferrar wrote:
    IIt's brilliant when it's really cold though, just undo the front zip a bit if you get too warm.

    good cos thats what I want it for :)
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  • another one for event fabric. if you do the research you will see its waterproof to 30,000mm hydrostatic and has a mvtr of 21,000g/m2....which is much more breathable than goretex.
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    If its not cold don't bother trying to stay dry just go windproof.

    If its cold get anything thats waterproof, they'll all make you sweat.

    @Page23, I was out in the same rain as you Wednesday, long sleeved roubaix lined jersey, no base layer no gillet, I'm arder!!!! :wink:
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    Best compromise , unless it is heaving it down, IMHO is a pertex jacket, windproof and mostly waterproof...I`ve an 10 year old Parrot Pertex smock that I`,ve washed / reproofed with TX10i and it is very breathable and that kept me comfortable in heavy rain / wind in Scotland last year :D .
    Generally i`ve been disappointed with waterproof / bretahable jackets getting wetter than with the pertex jacket. Of all waterproofs / breathable I`ve tried Berghaus Paclite smock works best for me, and is about £100, but not a cycling specific cut
    Stealth is a good jacket though as well :D --but you can`t really pack it away, it is an all day soft shell