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Bad neck - slept funny

DevUKDevUK Posts: 299
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I seem to be sleeping badly of late, and have had a painful neck off an on this week. Today it's particularly bad though. I can barely turn my head to the right. It made commuting in this morning a little difficult, but its gotten a little more painful during the course of the day.

Is it heat for aches and pains and cold for bruises?
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  • _Brun__Brun_ Posts: 1,740
    Take yourself down the GP with a note attached:

    "Investigate neck pain and quote for repair"
  • DevUKDevUK Posts: 299
    Hah! I might end up with some work I didn't want doing :shock:
    FCN Daily commute = 11
    FCN Fixie commute = 5
  • prawnyprawny Posts: 5,426
    I woke up this morning with sore ribs, mrs prawny had a dream she was arguing with her dad and she punched him. At least that was her excuse.

    Proper [email protected] me up getting a full on punch in the ribs at 2:30am :?
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  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    Did that a few weeks ago - took about 2 weeks before the effects were gone completely.........
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  • Stuey01Stuey01 Posts: 1,273
    I had this last Thursday, it was excruciating and would not go.
    Girlfriend had a go at massaging my shoulder and found a huge knot in my trapezius that seemed to be causing it, which is extremely unusual for me to have any kind of knot or pain. She helped ease it and it was bloody excruciating but couldn't get rid completely, pain lasted until I lifted and shifted a load of furniture on Sunday.

    I'm convinced that I never ever got these ailments before because I was into lifting weights at the gym and just worked through it all. I have now been out of the gym for little over a year.

    I'm re-joining a gym.
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  • Can't recommend this bit of Wii Fit enough:

    Makes the world of difference.
  • I also managed to wake up yesterday barely able to move my neck right. Hurt like hell. Today is a little better, but nowhere near comfortable. :(
  • kyoukokukyoukoku Posts: 105
    edited September 2009
    DevUK wrote:
    Hah! I might end up with some work I didn't want doing :shock:

    hehe, he (edit: or she) might end up having a poke around your bottom bracket and re-greasing it if you're not careful! :shock:
  • NGaleNGale Posts: 1,866
    chiropractor. a good one will help loosen it and keep your back and neck in good working order.

    Can't speak highly enough of them myself. had a session today and feeling great now.
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  • DevUKDevUK Posts: 299
    Feels quite a bit better this morn, though I suspect it'll get worse as the day goes on.
    FCN Daily commute = 11
    FCN Fixie commute = 5
  • gtvlussogtvlusso Posts: 5,112
    I really hate it when that happens........! Sleep, neck pain.....!
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