screws on rear mech of shimano 105

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i have noticed that there seems to be a little clicking sound on my Shimano 105 (compact - 11 - 23 rear casette) sometimes it disappears for a bit, but normally it is there – it doesn’t appear to be chain rubbing against the front mech.

I did notice that some of the screws on the rear derailleur were loose – is this the issue?

any help more than appreciated!!


  • I think the screws you mean are the rear derailleur adjustment. By screwing them in/out more and less adjusts the range that the mechanism can move.

    Don't move the screws yet, as it could be other reasons.

    Is the clicking occurring when riding certain gears, and how many miles have you done on the bike?
  • hi it seems to be worse in certain gears, i had a play with it and suspect it could be a dodgy link in the chain?
    i had a service not that long ago and its only noticeable since then, i have probably put 20 miles only on the bike
    i will leave the screws well alone!!
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    Does it change up/down gears without any hesitation?
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  • yea seems fairly snappy - i took it through the gears on a bike stand and it seemed ok, but was clicking in all gears pretty much
  • Try tightening the B-tension screw: that will move the derailer away from the cassette; if the derailer is too close to the cassette, the jokey might touch the teeth on the cogs.
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    Also try running the chain backwards (turning the cranks with your hand) and see if you can spot a stiff link in the chain.
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