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I have just bought my first full sus and love it. However, i've found it harder to manual than on my old hardtail any tips on this but mainly actually on how to get some more air off small trail jumps would be great. I just want to get a bit more from the 'fly off' or 'roll over' trail obstacles, thanks alot.
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  • grumsta
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    You can try and pump the suspension before the jump so it springs back up to give you more lift.

    I tend to put propedal on my rear shock for actual jumps though.
  • furby
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    Load up the front forks as you roll in to the take off point
  • keep rear shock on full rebound

    pump the forks down just as your about to enter the jump

    and for manual and wheleies use lock out
  • just use the same techniques as always for jumping, squat down and compress the suspension and then as you are just about to leave the lip of the jump spring up and the bike will come with you, i find it a lot easier to jump on a full-sus than a hardtail.

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